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Thread: Ideas/Suggestions to Modify Vintage 26650 Host

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    Wink2 Ideas/Suggestions to Modify Vintage 26650 Host


    I bought what looks to me to be a stamped brass, nickel plated 26650 host with a 3 way switch(says off/flash/steady) and a anti-roll bezel. I love the function built into some of these old lights. Not 1C or 2C but actual 26650. Someone tell me if I am wrong but that is what it looks like to me.

    I have A123 Lifepo4 I plan to use in it. I scored a few HCRI 4500-5000K 5MM LEDs on the market place I could use for a simple DD mod that would leave the light intact as the mod could easily be undone.

    I also have MNKE IMR26650 they will fry the 5mm LED if I go direct drive though.

    The ballast(right term?) that holds the bulb looks like it is a friction fit insert with a ceramic isolator. If I remove it there would be plenty of room for a brighter LED/driver/heatsink. The body is 26MM. I even think a C malkoff might just fit

    Either way the reflector has some corrosion from the rubber seal and needs cleaned/polished. This lens is THICK! Add a new gasket(cut from blank) and a new EP tail cap spring(this one is rusty)

    I also thought about paying to have a custom pill made by someone here or CPFMP. I'm not sure what that would cost I suppose I'd want to send it for a quote if I go that route.

    My brother made a comment when he saw this light that it looked like his girlfriends "little friend" LOL I thought your right! I still like it though.

    What do you guys think?

    How would you guys want to mod this? I'm open to opinions and suggestions
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