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Thread: Problem with gas powered flashlight - DIAMOND Kawasaki

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    Default Problem with gas powered flashlight - DIAMOND Kawasaki

    Hi everyone! I need some help with Kawaski Diamond flashlight. I got the flashlight from a friend, unfortunately, the engine is not working properly. I suspect some problem with the carburetor. I wonder if the carburetor is complete, and therefore looking for photos (high resolution) running flashlight. If someone were able to share these pictures that I would be very grateful. Or maybe one of you knows where to find any information on this item.

    PS: Sorry for my english.

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    Default Re: Problem with gas powered flashlight - DIAMOND Kawasaki

    Hi there. This very same Kawasaki KT12 engine appears to be used in quite a number of different gardening products such as brushcutters and hedge trimmers, and so I would imagine that any parts should be quite easily available. Here are some links for you, and I hope that they are of some assistance!

    Kawasaki KT12 Workshop Manual for $4.06

    Blow up diagram and list of KT12 Engine and parts including carburetor (for a hedge trimmer however most engine parts should be the same)

    Try this here

    Also try this here
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