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Thread: Zebralight H502 vs H502d - CRI comparison...

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    Default Zebralight H502 vs H502d - CRI comparison...

    I see that the H502d has a CRI of 85. Do wish it was in the 90s if possible. I used halogen bulbs at home that runs in the high 90s and it really does make colors pop beautifully.

    Anyways, to the point.

    1. Anyone has the CRI of the H502 XML?

    2. For those with both lights, does the H502d CLEARLY render a much more vibrant/rich/real color than the H502? The brighter H502 can compensate some regarding perception due to extra brightness and I'm curious about how the two 'feel' compared to each other.

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    Default Re: Zebralight H502 vs H502d - CRI comparison...

    You can see beamshot comparisons in the lengthy H502 announcement thread. (Toward the end, obviously.)

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