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    Is the Sunwayman C10R the only single cell light with a tripod mount on the bottom? Thought there were a few others but not having much luck searching. Thanks.

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    Old version Nitecore EZ AA had threaded tripod mount as a standard feature, but they're long discontinued.


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    IIRC one of the McGizmo clips has a tripod hole in the clip, which is pretty clever.
    To be honest, I got all excited when I first saw a tripod mount on the C10R, but when I started thinking about it it turned out rather pointless. I have quite a bit of studio equipment (or: grip gear), and there's at least 10 better ways of mounting a led light to a tripod or lightstand. In practice I don't think I'd ever put a led light on the 1/4 thread, but more likely lower on a lightstand as a constant light (that'll easily be overpowered by the flash, so won't affect the exposure).

    The simplest way to mount a flashlight to a lightstand or tripod is to carry ball-bungee's, that just snap everything to everything else.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm actually going to use it as a T-handle on a hiking staff. I'll keep an eye out for a used one.

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