For tactical face-melter lights (I would consider anything over 400 lumens in this category) do you prefer to:
1. Strobe
2. Burst/flashbulb (hit the target with a momentary flash)
3. Constant on (drown the target with max output)
in a defensive/tactical situation?

We know that most strobes at 200+ lumens can be disorienting or even nauseating after a few seconds, especially if the target is attempting to move, or track a moving object, but the tactical advantage of having a bright light is best used in the first few *tenths* of a second. In that time frame, which of the above three methods is most dazzling on a target? Which, if any, is most guaranteed to make him shut his eyes, turn away, or flinch? After that, which is most likely to keep him stunned, confused, or otherwise impaired?

My 4Sevens Maelstrom X7 has a strobe, but I don't seem to think it's particularly effective even at 480 lumens. I think it cycles too quickly, and looks more like flickering than a real strobe. My new Nitecore EA1 has what appears to be a variable or random strobe, which would seem to be more dazzling if it were brighter (EA1 is only 180 lumens on a good day). Is there a most effective type or hertz speed of strobe?