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Thread: To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

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    Default To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

    This subforum doesn't get a lot of traffic like the other forums do but I think this question belongs here.

    So I was doing some research on survival tools when I came across a pretty cool GITD product. The UVpaqlite and the Tooblite from

    Now, I'm not normally impressed by GITD products because I've heard and seen all the promises that similar products like these have made. It's been about 15 years since I've owned anything GITD and since then I've moved on to tritium glow products. A few GITD tail caps have made their way into my collection and nothing much as changed in their luminosity since my first GITD product.

    Tritium is great as a marker but aren't bright enough for much else. They can be expensive and hard to find. GITD paint/powder are really nice... Initially. After a few hours they reduce down to a glimmer.

    The product above claims they will glow for days and bright enough to light a small area, like a tent. The glow tube looks cool and I might give it a try just to see how they're material is like. I've seen it somewhere for 5-6 dollars so it wouldn't set me back too much to give it a try.

    I've done a search on this site and haven't heard anyone talk about this company or it's products. Can anyone tell me more about these type of products? Has good quality GITD products come a long way or am I going to be let down?

    I'm not looking for a flashlight replacement but I think GITD products may be a good idea when the grid goes down and batteries can no longer recharge.

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    Default Re: To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

    Don't get too excited. Do you have a GITD toilet seat, yet? If there was ever a product that needed to be glowing at night...

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    Default Re: To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

    Order a little bit of greeen V10 powder and play with some newer age GITD items. Also, is that a DIY, greenlight? Pretty sweet!

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    Default Re: To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

    "UVPaqlites are designed to perform best in dark environments when your eyes are fully adjusted. Learn more about Night Vision (Click Here)"

    I bet it's about like normal, very-high-quality GITD stuff. I have some water-soluble glow-paint from GlowInc, and it is AMAZING. But I find GITD is most useful as indicators, of "That's where my flashlight is, here's the lightswitch," etc. I have not yet found a glowing thing that will even light a room up a few hours after charging it.
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    Default Re: To GITD or not to GITD... That is the question.

    The site mentions the glow stuff is made from strontium aluminum, which is what Glow Inc uses. That is the best available technology for GITD products. That stuff does put out an amazing amount of light for a time. You can check the Glow Inc web site for duration and luminance specs.

    I have several glow fobs on keychains, ect and they are great for the WOW affect of going from a sunny outdoor setting to a dark room but I don't find the duration good enough to really be able to depend on it to say, help you find dropped keys in the dark.

    As for a night light in a tent? Not sure. If you have a large enough object made from the GITD material, it would probably work well for a short time but you would have to charge it with a light of some sort first.
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