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Thread: Replacement for Surefire D3?

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    Default Replacement for Surefire D3?

    I lost my Surefire D3. I still have many accessories and Malkoff dropins. Please suggest a good quality three 123 cell replacement.


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    Default Re: Replacement for Surefire D3?

    Malkoff MD3?
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    Default Re: Replacement for Surefire D3?

    Surefire 9P?

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    Default Re: Replacement for Surefire D3?

    Surefire D3 is essentially a 9P with a clip, but if you are used to using the clip neither the G3 or 9P can replace it. That was my problem, after using surefire E's for several years any lights that does not have a clip on it I have trouble carrying.

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    Another 3-cell SureFire, like a C3 ... or an Elzetta host would be excellent alternatives.
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    Default Re: Replacement for Surefire D3?


    I was wondering what was out there these days.

    I'll look at the Surefire 9P (I thought it was discontinued) and Malkoff. I definitely want a metal light so the G3 won't work. My clip broke so I got used to using the light without the clip.

    Thanks for the pointer to Elzetta. I have never heard of them before.

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