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Thread: Replacement for Fenix PD32

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    Default Replacement for Fenix PD32

    I like the size, high output, and construction of the PD32. But I don't like the fiddle factor of the side switch (hard to find by touch) and the low is still too bright. Are there any 2 x CR123A lights with a magnetic switch for infinite variability? Would prefer a low beam of 1 lumen or so.

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    The Klarus XT2C is a really lovely light, similar size to the PD32 but has a much nicer look and feel to it.

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    That's the one thing I don't like about the pd32 as well. I wonder if I could wire it to the rear switch.

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    Default Re: Replacement for Fenix PD32

    I got the LD22 because of the AA battery aspect. I do almost wish the hotspot in Turbo had more distance, but I lie the spill of the LD22. Any idea if the spil on the LD32 is the same? How is your distance in Turbo? Any other reason you don't like the PD32? Thanks

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    Default Re: Replacement for Fenix PD32

    The spill on the PD32 is pretty decent on mine. I learned to line up my clip with the switch to make it easier to find the switch by feel.

    I have got some interest in the Nitecore IFE2. Looks to be very promising and the lumen range is nice.

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