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Thread: Charging Sanyo XX eneloop AA

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    i havent gotten a smart charger yet an when i use the ones below i get all types of readings.... just charged 4 on the energizer an came up with 1.45v then a few mins later they tested 1.41v this normal ? whats should they read when fully charged ? ive heard 1.45-1.52v

    i use a ZL sc51 and it seems like im swapping out batteries way to soon an i barely use the thing. maybe few times a day for 1-2 mins ........the black charger is a sony BC-CS2A
    and the batteries are sanyo XX 2500 mah AA

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    Right out of the charger, the batteries can show 1.43V-1.44V. After one hour they will drop to 1.38-1.41V. At the end of the day they will settle to around 1.32-1.34V and stay there if they are LSD like your XX. This is normal.

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