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Thread: Host for laser pointer module?

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    Default Host for laser pointer module?

    What's a good option for dive waterproof cheap compact light to eviscerate and use as a host for a laser pointer?

    It's ok if it require some mild modding to become fully waterproof, but I don't have access to more advanced tools such a lathe or welding equipment.

    I suppose it would be good if it could fit a 16850, an other LiIo battery type or three AAA to get sufficient voltage.

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    Default Re: Host for laser pointer module?

    I mean something like for example TrustFire TR-801 ($12 at DX), it also has flat surfaces on the body that is good for mounting on a aluminum profile.

    If the tail cap is sealed shut, the o rings refreshed and front glass replaced, it seems to me it could be made dive-proof, right?

    Any suggestions for other hosts that could be more suitable?


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    The cheap plastic ones at DX would be OK if your pointer doesn't generate much heat, pretty sure you can fit an 18650 in there too if you tried.
    I reckon you're better off with one already designed for diving, you never know where there may be other points to leak. I have sku: 112889 and it's been fine down to 30m a couple of times

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    Default Re: Host for laser pointer module?

    Benoit left that link in some previous post it looks that thay have severel hosts http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/category.php?id=58

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