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Thread: Wires snapped from the led

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    Default Wires snapped from the led

    Hello there,

    I recently received this led from ebay:

    But unfortunately, I managed to snap completely the wire from the led by mistake

    I have now 3 colour:
    - 2 red
    - 1 brown

    And I tried to open the light but can't see anywhere I can reconnect the wire:

    Anyone knows where to reconnect that?


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    Default Re: Wires snapped from the led

    generally you would expect to find broken wire sticking out of a through hole in the circuit board. In this case, it looks like there may have been cold solder joints without enough solder to keep things together. I would look for one of the Magicshine teardown threads to see if you can find a picture of where the wires go.

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