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Thread: xml t6 mode removal help

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    Default xml t6 mode removal help

    I am using my light as a tacticle light and do not need the stobe or sos modes I could do with out the two low powers if need be it is a cree xml t6 trustfire z5 light any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: xml t6 mode removal help

    Um, what?

    From what I can understand, you are asking someone to remove the modes on your Trustfire Z5 light and turn it into a single stage light right?

    There are three ways to do this that I can think of off the top of my head. Reprogram the microcontroller in the driver, which would take time and extra money for the clip used to access the microcontroller. Go around the microcontroller, as in remove the microcontroller from the circuit by bridging specific pads on the driver or removing the microcontroller and bridge the right pads again. Third way is to replace the driver with a single mode one. The cheapest of these choices is to bridge pads on the driver, but that would require you analyze the circuit and see which pads to bridge, or if it is a common driver, find somewhere online that tells you which pins to solder. Simplest is probably to replace the driver.

    What are you using the light for? Will it be gun mounted?

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    While I don't think it's impossible to do what you want to do....it would be far easier to simply replace your trustfire light with one that is more suited to your desires. This might mean spending more money but I think the results will be more than satisfactory, I know Shiningbeam has some less costly lights that use a forward clickie, tactical style switch.

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