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Thread: Tenergy Rechargeable RCR123A Battery Kit

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    Got tired of waiting on the K2 Kit from SF so I going to pull the trigger on these. Saw them on the Quartermaster public safety catalog I just received. Kit is $24.99 (2 LiFePO4 RCR123A batteries, up to 1000 charges, Charging cradle optimizes battery perfomance, AC/DC charging plugs) and 4 pack Batteries $14.99. Shows as new item on the catalog and first time I've seen it. Is this a good deal? Thanks!
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    If you're frugal, you can do better value by getting two pack LiFePO4 and an XTAR MP2 charger for much less. Make sure those LiFePO4 are green label and not the old stock yellow ones

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    Thanks for the Info. and for the heads up on the green label.

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