First off I must say that you have an excellent forum here. Thanks to all of the members here I did almost nothing work related yesterday. Anyway, several months ago I decided that I needed to upgrade from the $5 Walmart flashlights that I had and get something better. I bought 5 Ultrafire C8 Cree XM-L T6 lights with chargers and 2x 18650 batteries each for about $100.

These lights are awesome. Correction 4 of these lights are awesome, one died the other day. I swapped out tailcaps and batteries and still nothing. I need to get out my soldering iron and see if it is the driver or the led. Before I do that I thought I would ask if either or both of these components can be changed out to these lights to make them better. Is there a better drop in led or driver that will make this light throw more light farther? Thanks in advance for your help.