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Thread: Then I saw the (o)light..

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    Default Then I saw the (o)light..

    Hi everyoneReading alot about flashlights in the last weeks I know alot more than before,and I am alot more confused than before about it,so I give it a rest to relax,having enough trouble with my knive addiction!and for a good start I decide to get me a fenix ld12 or ld22,avialable here end of month,i wait till then,but what is avialable right now and I am confused again is the olight combo pack tc15 titanium and tc10 titanium body,this goes for 64€!scratching my head and hope somebody can tell me about that one.

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    The LD12 and LD22 are nice lights!

    The Olight "Titanium Transformer" Combo pack you are talking about is just basically 1 light, but it comes with 2 body tubes.

    So with the TC15 body tube, you can use the light with 1AA, and if you screw off the TC15 body, and put on the TC10 body tube, then you will able to fit a CR123 battery in it.

    It might seem like a good deal to some people, but they are only giving you 1 flashlight head which is the most expensive part of the light.

    So you are basically paying for 1 light with some accessories.

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