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Thread: Mini Mag LED Upgrades (Please Read)

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    Arrow Mini Mag LED Upgrades (Please Read)

    *NEWBIE* I bought a Mini Mag LED and i would like to get a little more out of it. Can i use the standard Mini Mag Upgrades in an LED body? The only reason i ask is because it has the deeper head/reflector. So i am just wondering if the parts are compatible between the standard mini mag and the LED model. Thanks in advance.

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    no, they are not compatible.
    not to mention the "upgrade" isn't any brighter than mm led is.

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    welli didnt know if there was something better out there. somebody should be looking into upgrades for the LED maglites. Obviously there is improvement to be made somewhere because the new PRO and PRO+ models are putting out over 200 lumens when the standard MM is putting out in the 70's. So if the can do that factory built what can somebody that knows what they are doing custom build? just a thought...

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    Yeah, parts are completely different between the two flashlights. Which Minimag LED is this? The newest ones, or one of the old Luxeon ones?

    IMO, if you are trying to upgrade a stock minimag, you'll be better off saving the money for another light (good budget lights are not much more then a LED drop-in).

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    IMHO you cant beat a maglite overall. some lights are brighter, or more durable. but overall i think the mglite is an excellent platform for general use. whats the most powerful mod you can do on a standard maglite. and your question, im not sure. i just bought it, so probably newer style. i like to have the durability, water resistance, and shape of a maglite. i just want to get the most that i can out of either a MM LED or a standard incan one. i have both, so what are your reccomendations? i hunt, fish, etc, as well as using it around the house and garage. i have 750 acres of land to watch and alot of it is fields so thats why i want alot of power in a small package, and is still durable.

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