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Thread: Custom headlamp advice

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    Au Custom headlamp advice

    Hey everyone. as you may have noticed, I'm new around here. I hope this is the right place to post this, if not please move to headlamps or where appropriate.

    OK, So I recently got the idea to make a powerful flashlight, and seeing as how I love headlamps, I'd try to fit it in an existing setup if at all possible.

    I received a Thinktank Technology KC90083 7 LED Wide Beam Headlamp from I was looking for the largest head/cheapest and it looked perfect. (search for it if you like)
    the light as is was terrible, so I didn't feel bad for immediately stripping it.

    I'm waiting for my LED which is a P7 series from SSC and also waiting for the driver which is a KD Super Output SSC P7

    which leaves me with a few questions.
    I already know I can't fit two AA size batteries into the housing, so I'll probably have to go with 3 AAA in the original battery clip and use the original momentary tactile switch on the side.
    what kind of rechargeable battery would you guys recommend? and am I going to have to figure out a way to add a heat sink to it? the driver does have the ability to switch to low power when it detects high temp (supposedly)

    is there anything else I'm missing other than just fitting it all in?

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    hi xenodrone, and welcome to CPF

    Just a quick Answer:
    You won't be able to run a P7 at its spec without proper cooling, which cannot be done with the body of that plastic headlamp. Any headlamp design will struggle with the heat the P7 absorbs.

    The 3AAA setup will provide only very limited runtime, and I think it would only work with high quality NIMH's that are able to be discharged so fast / deliver enough current (don't know if they exist). The P7 is a 10W led, simple math without consideration of efficiency:
    10W / 3.6v = ~3A
    the better AAA's might have .75Ah
    .75 Ah / 3A = .25h
    15 Minutes of runtime, but more realistically (after losses) 10 Minutes, I don't think that this is what your looking for.

    I suggest looking at the Mag D mods, to get an idea on how much cooling such an led needs.

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    ok, thanks chefgrill, that helps. I guess I'll just have to abandon the headlamp idea. For this LED at least. Or maybe eventually figure out something else for the heat sink and use an external belt clip battery.

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