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Thread: Battery Jackpot?

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    I was at my local college old stock place where the college sells their old computers and things and I bought a old laptop battery for the pcb circuit, assuming the batteries were dead. $1. It had 12 sony 18650 cells, all good. I'm charging them up and am going to test capacity. Funny enough, the pcb was dead, but I still got a bunch of batteries. They are neon green. I'm thinking of goin back tomorrow and buying more packs. Do you think I just got lucky and most are dead or I hit the jackpot. They are $1 a pack.

    I'm planning on using them for a bike battery light pack. I have a 50w bike light I'm building. It turns out my highschool has a very nice 3d printer which will print any color plastic, even clear. I'm going to ask if it will do metal sinstering. I'm thinkinng i'll print a housing that the led setup and heatsink and fan will fit in.
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    I've spent $10 there and have gotten 33 good cells, including 6 panasonic 2700mah and 6 panasonic 2900mah cells.

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    That's a lot of good cells! I wish I could find someone selling old laptop batteries like that!


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    How are you going to test its capacities? I hope those cells still have at least 80% of its original capacity. Good luck!

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