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Thread: new headlamp

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    Default new headlamp

    I have been thinking of getting a new headlamp. What kinds are out there?
    I have an old, 3AA, Energizer branded headlamp I bought several years ago....something like this

    It has spot, flood and also red LED's. It's just that the white light isn't that bright, at least not compared to my newer Surefire builds and Fenix lights.

    Are there decent headlamps on the market that have similar features, or at least spot/flood and the ability to run them separately or together?

    Would prefer one with the batteries in front...only one strap to put over my head, as I will sometimes be wearing a ball cap. I mostly use the headlamp when hunting: going to and from my spots and field dressing at night.

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    Default Re: new headlamp

    I was going to recommend something like the Zebralight H51/H502 or the Spark ST5, but those don't have adjustable beams. Their low output levels might replace the red LED well.

    Check the headlamp forums for more suggestions.

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