If you are in the market for a solid lantern/spotlight/area light get yourself this light. I was sick and tired of hauling issued Streamlight (althou love their other lights) because of the weight so I ended doing a bit of a looking and found the Pelican. Light is smaller in comparison to other of the same caliber and about 3 lbs lighter due to using NiMh battery back instead of lead battery. Throw is great, battery life is sufficient and of course it's Pelican so it is pretty solid. I love how easily you can stand it up and position to whatever angle you need it to be at. I love the battery power indicator that changes color as the time goes on. Comfortable strap makes a difference too. I did a shooting here in Brooklyn NY last Friday night where 4 people were shot. You can always do with the same job with similar equipment but having a light that is outstanding makes the job easier. One of the detectives came back and asked to borrow it so he can search for brass.

Few things I would change thou:
-beam is too concentrated for close up work so that diffuser that they have available for this lamp should have been included in the package
-dc cord should have been included (I feel like pelican is nickle and dime me for extra things)
-there should be flashing LEDs in the back of the light for safety.
-more colors available. pelican yellow is not really yellow and orange would have been more valid as a choice for emergency type of light.

But it's a good value for the light. I'm glad I got it.