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Thread: EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

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    Default EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

    Out of these two lights EagleTac D25A and Four Sevens Mini MA, which is a better option for slim compact single AA EDC light and why? Any other comparable suggestions?

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    Default Re: EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

    I prefer the D25A by a large margin. It'c current-controlled (no PWM like on the Mini MA), has a better clip that allows for deeper carry in your pocket, and the SS bezel is awesome. Plus, I've heard that the Mini series of lights can sometimes have issues with battery rattle, so there's that too.

    Tod @ IlluminationGear comes very highly recommended, and his prices are the best around. He also offers a discount to CPF users, so be sure to ask him about it if you decide to contact him.

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    Default Re: EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

    I bought one of each and had to send them both back. Got a replacement for the 25a and it has worked fine so far.

    All things being equal, as in they both function properly, I like the Etac better.
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    Default Re: EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

    Foursevens now(Company name change) is more durable in MY opinion and also a bit cheaper.
    The output is considerably different though(160Eagletac-100FourSevens),
    I have 3 FourSevens lights and all are EXTREMELY reliable without battery rattle.

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    I have the NW D25A clicky and 4/7 Mini AA both in Ti and like the D25 better. Moonlight, clip, and clicky interface closest to my favorite, the regular Quarks. I do think 4/7s has better build quality and customer service though.

    My D25A is PWM on moonlight when my Eneloop <1.3 V though.

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    I can't rag on the eagletac and say its "crap" or not cuz I've never had it..but I will give foursevens a +1!

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    Default Re: EagleTac D25A v Four Sevens Mini MA

    Eagletac is a better more expensive light? Unless you just want low-med-high id get the Eagletac and it comes in a clicky.
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