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Thread: antique flashlights?

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    Default antique flashlights?

    Just curious, does anyone collect the old flashlights? Rayovacs from the 30s, I have recently bought a few cheap on eBay and at antique shops. I'm thinking of making a little display with an old eveready ad (1920ish) for the background of the cabinet. They are usually cheap, but I have no idea if any of them are worth anything, is there someone that does the same (obviously I have the brightest LEDs for using, but its fun to see how far we've come).
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    I shouldn't start threads from my phone, I scrolled a little further and my eyes are beginning to adjust to the dimmer power of the past lol I see I am not alone, I just need to do the research, I love this forum!
    Enlightened from birth

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