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    Was wondering if anyone can give me any thoughts or experience of the latest (2012) cradle-rechargeable flashlights -- I'm thinking specifically the Streamlight SL20-L, Inova T4R and Fenix RC10. This will primarily be my car/outdoor light. The latter two are smaller and use Li batteries, which I generally prefer but worry could be killed over time by being left in a hot car (I'm in SoCal). The SL20 is bigger, uses an NiMH battery (which also has its disadvantages and takes longer to charge), but obviously out throws the other two and can double as a hammer

    The big question for me is how good is the RC10 in real-world use compared to the others? I used to have an older Inova T4 rechargeable and it seemed pretty solid with a nice switch feel, and obviously the SL20 is a tried and tested tank of a light. The RC10 dual switch system seems like overkill and being such a new light there's no indication of long-term reliability.

    Any comments appreciated.
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    I have the latest Inova T4R and like it a lot. It's throws really well for a smaller light due to the deep reflector. The output is nice due to the efficient reflector. You can always buy a replacement battery if the original fails. There seem to be a lot of accessories for the light. It is one solid light for sure.

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    My experience with cradle recharging lights is that after you run them dead you can’t use the light again until it is charged up (unless you have a second charged battery). Most of my experience is with the Streamlight Stingers and SL20. Cradle recharging lights are the best choice for regular/heavy use day in and day out but not the best choice to leave around and use occasionally. I have used mine heavily over the years and would recommend them to anyone who needs a workhorse light.
    In my opinion, you are better off with a CR123 lithium battery type light to leave in your car because they are better handling the cold and heat.

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