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Thread: Titanium Arc AAA Help!

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    Default Titanium Arc AAA Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to the world of flashlights, but just bought my first fairly expensive light. It's a Titanium Arc AAA light, and I purchased it in the kit form with the DS and GS LEDs. Being a complete amateur, I actually have no idea how to assemble this light. I assume the foam donut goes in on top of the battery to prevent rattle, but it doesn't fit easily at all into the barrel and leaves a black gummy residue on the rings. One of the LEDs also doesn't fit into the head of the light at all, leading me to think I'm not assembling it correctly. The larger LED fits correctly, but presents a grossly misshapen beam.

    I suppose my main question is if I am doing this correctly at all. If I am, does this just mean the quality control and fit/finish on this light is just the worst I could ever imagine? I am leaning towards it being a horrible product due to these issues and the fact that the front glass/plastic piece in the front is askew with parts of the black O ring visible and asymmetrical. If this does happen, I will be enormously dissapointed as this is a 140$ light that does not appear to be working at all. Please help!

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    Some info that may help here and here. Pay special attention to Gransee's posts; that's Peter, the guy who started Arc. Hope those help!

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