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    I'm working on my "Ugly Duckling Bikelight". Its uggly right now but maybe it will transform int o a beutiful swan. All joking aside, its realy ugly right now but I plan on painting it, bondoing, and sanding.

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    It has 5 xml easywhite 12v led driven at .75a each.

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    Looks like a fun project! I have to admit that my first thought upon looking at the picture is "is the body made out of fiberglass", followed quickly by "where's the heatsink??". I look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Steve K.

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    I accidentally killed it. I wired the driver in reverse and I really don't want to rebuild it. I've cut apart the housing and i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the leds now. The heatsink was inside, I used a small fan to blow air through the light.

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    Which bits are broken? If the driver's let the "magic smoke" out, then that's not a rebuild, but replacement. If the LEDs have karked it, then it may depend on the strength of your epoxy.

    Rebuilding's worth doing; it's a past time I've had to endure countless times after the rutted nightmares of south west London have taken their toll. However, after 3 months of almost daily tweaks, extra blu-tac and gaffer tape, there's been very little repairs needed since June. It also teaches you patience, grasshopper.
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