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Thread: e2l outdoorsman pricing?

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    Default e2l outdoorsman pricing?

    Hi everyone,

    So today I was browsing in the store when I see surefire e2l outdoorsman flashlights on clearance. $97 is still pricey, but I am so happy with my E2d Led defender that I have had for 4 years that I couldn't pass this deal up. $97 is decent right?

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    Default Re: e2l outdoorsman pricing?

    It's about the right price.

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    Default Re: e2l outdoorsman pricing?

    i wouldnt say its a steal. but still a good price on a new E2L.
    either way, you wont regret it. one of the best lights out there. great runtimes, and durability, and good low/high UI that anybody can easily pick up and use.

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    Default Re: e2l outdoorsman pricing?

    I have never seen an Outdoorsman at such a low price. Even if I have E1L, E2L AA and E2DL I likely would get it for that price!

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