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Thread: peripheral vision reacting quicker?

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    Default peripheral vision reacting quicker?

    ... dunno where to post that question, so typing it in here ...

    When using my "typical" Li-Ion cell charger, I notice that:
    * when directly looking at it, I can notice that there is a short interruption in the red led lighting (when the charger checks voltage) but can not say more, but
    * when looking somewhere else, I can clearly say, that in between the red led light, the color changes to green...

    is peripheral vision "quicker", than focused?

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    Default Re: peripheral vision reacting quicker?

    Yes. Peripheral vision relies mostly on rod cells, which transmit lower-bandwidth greyscale video to your brain. Peripheral vision (including the miniscule amount that's actually in color) is given a higher priority for processing as well, because it's used to detect nasties sneaking up on you in the dark.

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