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    Hey guys besides the tk41 what are some other good aa powered throwers thanks


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    The sunwayman m40a does a pretty good job.

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    Default Re: aa throwers

    Fenix LD41 520 lumens, 200 m, 10000 cd
    Fenix LD40 248 lumens, 207 m, 10733 cd
    Fenix E40 220 lumens, 260 m, 17500 cd

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    Dereelight Javelin comes to mind.

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    WHen you say AA powered, I'm guessing within a reasonable amount of AA's, but the Olight Baton S35 does an excellent job with 3 AA's. The S65 is even better with 6 AA's.

    The Fenix is also quite decent in throwing, but the TK41 with 8x AA is just ridiculous and doesn't do much over 2 x 18650 while having twice the weight and nearly 3 times the size...

    Do keep in mind that if you break up rechargeable battery packs, you have to keep them matched, so don't use 2 that have been charged for 20 times with 1 that's new etc.

    For me 3xAA would be max. Beyond that LiION become much more practical.

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    Default Re: aa throwers

    I have a Lamdalights Turbo Flashlight.

    It works off 4*AA cells and did 120K lux on L91 primaries via XPG2 at 3~3.2A.

    The downside is you have to place and order via email and the wait time is several months at times., needeless to say worth it.

    Surefire 6P with Malkoff M60 simple, bright, efficient.

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