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Thread: SOLD: Triple XP-G Neutral EDC light FS with FREE AW IMR !!!

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    Drool SOLD: Triple XP-G Neutral EDC light FS with FREE AW IMR !!!

    Hi folks,

    Up for sale is my favorite EDC torch: a Neutral White, triple XP-G, single 16340 light. It has a linear 7135 driver with two extra chips, for a total max of 3.5 Amps !!! Due to the high current draw, IMR cells are recommended - and I'm including one in this sale for CONUS buyers.

    The light engine is based around a machined slug of C101 copper, with a triple XP-G (neutral white) affixed via Arctic Silver. The optic is a Carolco Narrow Spot for a perfect, even beam. The copper slug makes for a nice heft to this small light.

    Levels programmed are 1) Moonlight Low 2) Medium 3) High. Runtime on high is somewhere around 12 minutes, but the medium is roughly double that with the included AW IMR cell. A LiCo cell on medium will give you around 45 minutes.

    The beam is a smooth dose of pure neutral goodness - please have a look at the pics below.

    This is a user, not a shelf queen, and there are a few nicks in the budget host that I've tried to capture in the photographs. There is no clip included, but the host is drilled and tapped for one.

    If you are looking for a pocket rocket with a near-perfect neutral beam free of rings and artifacts, this is the light for you.

    I guarantee satisfaction 100%. If this light is in any way not as-described, I will issue you a full refund. Buy with confidence.

    Enough words, time for pics:

    Here are some beamshots:

    Here's the Moon Low, sorry it's a bit blurry:

    Outdoor shot on Moon Low:



    Here's a different angle on high, showing how even and floody this beam is:

    The price for this beauty is $99USD shipped, including the AW IMR cell, in the CONUS. I can ship worldwide for the same amount, but without the IMR cell.

    First "I'll take it" in this thread gets the light.

    Please ask any questions you may have, and remember that I guarantee this to be a no-hassle sale. You WILL be happy, or I'll refund your monies.

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    Default Re: Triple XP-G Neutral EDC light FS with FREE AW IMR !!!

    Have a look !

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    Default Re: Triple XP-G Neutral EDC light FS with FREE AW IMR !!!

    All of the PMs about this light have received a reply !

    This light is "on hold" pending a reply from one member.

    EDIT: Light is SOLD, thanks very much.
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