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Thread: Sky Ray King or XinTD U2 ?

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    Default Sky Ray King or XinTD U2 ?

    Hi !

    As it says in the title, Sky Ray King or XinTD U2/U3?
    I know they are two very different lights, but which one do you recomend me to buy?
    It would be nice to have a SR.K to impress people, but im very uncertain about the quality about the SR.K, and since the size of it by being a fatty, is the size a problem for normal use?

    I have only have heard good things about the XinTD, and now when it has a U2 (or is it U3?)LED, its even better ive heard.
    But its not a "WOW Factor" is it? But 900 lumens seems to be very bright to? And XinTD is a bit cheaper. Its longer than SR.K, but SR.K is shorter but more fat..
    (I ordered the Ultrafire C8 becuase it looked the same as the XinTD, and i thought it might be as bright, but i guess its not?)

    What do you think about these two torches? Is there any Pro's and Con's about them (Of course there is, but please tell me your oppinion)
    Which one would you buy and WHY would you buy just THAT one? Maybe there is a torch that is between these two torches?

    Please help, i dont wanna continue buying cheap Ultrafire torches, i want something more sturdy if you know what i mean. (Ive ordered 2 different Ultrafire torches + Ultrafire H4, but i havent got them yet though, but i know they are not the best quality...) Buying Ultrafire torches feels like a waste, i dont why i bought so many ultrafire at the same time, it would have been better if i saved these money and spent them on a better and sturdy torch, but thats to late now though.. Well..

    Thank you, i really hope my threads is not annoying you. Im a big noob, so i have SOOO many questions.

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    Default Re: Sky Ray King or XinTD U2 ?

    I just got a sky ray king and it was broke. Only two of the bulbs worked. Other than that pretty cool light. Well made for the money, cool blue bulbs are nice, and light is diffuse and lights up a large area. Not such a defined hot spot. I also have a C* and the hot spot is more defined and bright that the skyray. Less overall spill (non defined light ring around the well defined bright spot) but very close. I'd get a back up C8 unless you need to illum a wide area as opposed to the distance spot light (c8)

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