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Thread: How to replace batteries with power supply

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    Default How to replace batteries with power supply

    I am a newbie and been looking everywhere to find how to turn a sort of 'casual light' or torch into a permanent light.

    For example I have a 24 LED torch and it is powered by 3 x AA batteries (i.e. approx 4.5v).

    If I wanted to use this unit on a regular basis what would I need to replace the battery pack ?

    Also perhaps I could power 2 (or more) x 72 LED torches (with 4 x AA batteries) with a suitable PSU.

    Appreciate and help or pointer in the right direction

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    Default Re: How to replace batteries with power supply

    Welcome to CPF. I'll help with the "pointing you in the right direction" part by moving this thread to the appropriate forum. See the larger banner at the top of the page.


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    Default How to replace batteries with power supply

    Any 5V wall wart should do the trick. The current draw is negligible from 5mm LED's so I wouldn't even stress about the current rating of the PSU. You would have to to add a resistor to limit things a bit, though.

    In fact, I'd wire the whole lot into a USB plug so you could run it from any USB power source.

    The 72 LED lights, depending on how they're wired up, would likely happily run straight from the 5V supply, no worries.
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