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Thread: Flashlight stores in LA?

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    Default Flashlight stores in LA?

    I was wondering if there are any stores in the Los Angeles area (LA & Orange County) with lots of quality flashlights on display and on sale?

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    Default Re: Flashlight stores in LA?

    Yes and no [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I live in the IE and work in OC. The only place I can really think of would be Turners Outdoorsmen. www.turners.com

    They carry quite a few surefire products and accesories, I think I saw a few streamlights too.
    I bought my Z2 from there and my Benelli.

    The price on their firearms are a little steep (thats why I've only bought one there), but the Z2 was maybe only 5 bucks more then I saw it on a web site for. It was still cheaper then the surefire "retail" price.

    I only buy my lights online now (the Z2 was the only I bought in a brick and mortar store).

    I've been to the Turners in Chino, Fountain Valley and some place in the LA area.

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    Default Re: Flashlight stores in LA?

    Check Recon-1 in Reseda on Ventura Blvd. GREAT selection of Knives, flashlights, camping and survival equipment. Nice guys over there to. they have lots of my money!

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    Default Re: Flashlight stores in LA?

    Resurrecting this old thread with the same question. Looking for a good selection of flashlights as I need to test a handful before purchasing. Anything new in the LA area that this old thread didn't cover?

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    LA Police Gear's retail store in Valencia has a flashlight wall with about a dozen and a half flashlights that you can play with.

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