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Thread: AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

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    Default AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

    I looked at all the sub forums and this looked like the best place to put this. If there is a better place to ask then please move it.

    I have seen at some point in the past, I guess you would call a case that is the shape of a C or D cell battery. It opened up and allowed you to put several AA cells inside so that you could use your AA cells in devices requiring C and D cells. I have searched the internet numerous times over the years without any luck finding them.

    Does anyone know where these things can be found? Maybe a better question is if anyone else has ever seen them before? I would love to be able to find some so I don't have to deal with buying C and D cells for the very few things that actually use them anymore. As I buy electronics that require AA and AAA cells, I also buy a couple packages of Eneloop batteries to go with them, so that I now have a large collection of Eneloop batteries and they are basically in any and all electronics in my house that require them. I would much rather use these cells in a special holder to power the few things that require the larger C and D cells.

    If anyone knows where to get them I would love to know. Please PM me or email me if links aren't allowed to be posted.

    Thank you!!!

    flamtnbkr (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Default Re: AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

    I just placed an order for some 2AA to D adaptors off eBay. I plan to try them in my 2D Maglite LED lights with some late generation Eneloops...
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    Default Re: AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

    If you don't mind DealExtreme (dx.com), they have adapters too

    AAA-AA 4-pk SKU 54457
    AA-C 2-pk SKU 22595
    AA-C 5-pk SKU 13814
    2AA-D 2-pk SKU 7031

    There are two 3AA-D adapters out there. One has the cells in series, the other in parallel. I saw the series one somewhere (battery junction?), but it was pricey. I haven't seen the parallel one.

    Also, be aware that the negative contact may not be large enough for the bottom spring to contact the adapter. I used a piece of folded aluminum foil to allow contact between the last adapter and the spring.
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    Default Re: AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

    You might want to check these out.


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    Default Re: AA ---> C or D spacers / case / holder

    Easy enough to find in the UK as well and in fact i use 2 in an old c cell light which is now on AA eneloops.Surf the net is ideally what you need to do.Radio Shack aka Tandy i would think sell stuff like that.
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