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Thread: Nitecore TM 26 Car Charger

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    Default Nitecore TM 26 Car Charger

    I received the car charger for the Nitecore TM 26 from ebay today (from china) which is advertised for the TM 15.

    It does not fit properly for the TM 26.

    I had emailed the seller who stated that it fit fine. (Same seller of whom sent incomplete package, and did not respond to emails until I opened a case and got a refund within 15 minutes).

    It has a loose fit, and must be held into place in order to get a charge; otherwise you will only get an "error" message.

    this is just a FYI for anyone who was considering the purchase. I had purchased the TM 26 from Longhorn Tactical (Texas) and got a good price, but better yet, got great customer service. This was assuring.
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