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Thread: 13800 lm LED

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    Default 13800 lm LED

    I saw this on ebay and was just wondering how accurate the ad is and wondering if anyone has checked it out. I don't know a lot about LED's.-------13800 Lumen 12 x CREE XM-L T6 LED for (26650/18650) Flashlight Torch Lamp Light.
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    Default Re: 13800 lm LED

    a) It's an ebay light so knock off 30-50 percent of what they are saying

    b) Theoretically 12 m-l t6's would have to each put out 1150 lumen in that light to equal 13800 lumens ---- which they aren't doing.

    c) Don't know if out the front lumens or not rated... probably emitter if anything. So knock off more (you see where this is going)

    d) build quality. Trust me, you're better off just off the bat buying quality lights from Fenix or another high quality maker. You'll thank me for not buying crap and regretting it later.

    --- How much are you willing/wanting to spend and what kind of light are you looking for and for what purpose. Again if you haven't experienced many nice LED lights start with Fenix. I'm not trying to be a Fenix fanboy but in my opinion they have an amazing range of everyday user lights ranging from the 10 lumen tiny and affordable E01 (13 dollars or so) to the latest and greatest beasts of lights putting out 2000 to more than 3000 lumens.

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    Thanks for the reply.I am not getting another flashlight at this time,I was just looking and came across that.If I get one,it will be for general purpose. I am currently looking for an HID kit for my spotlight so the HID/Spotlight part of CPF is where I spend my time.Once again thanks.
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