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Thread: Boker Plus Nano - REVIEW

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    Default Boker Plus Nano - REVIEW

    Overall Length: 4.76" (12.1 cm)
    Blade Length: 1.89" (4.8 cm)
    Blade Thickness: 0.11" (2.8 mm)
    Blade Material: 440C
    Handle Material: Zytel
    Handle Thickness: 0.41"
    Weight: 2.82 oz. (80 g)

    Today I am reviewing the Boker Nano folder. I've been carrying this knife for the last four days or so and I am totally liking it. I must admit, the main reason I bought this knife was based solely off it's looks. It's just one cool looking blade!

    I've been carrying this knife as my "backup" knife. It fits easily in any of my pockets and you barely even know it's there. One reason I like this knife is because of it's size. I can take it out in the public and it doesn't scream "tactical" or "weapon".

    When you get this knife the first thing you will notice is the real nice box it comes in. I really wish some of my more expensive knives came in a nice box. Anyhow, after removing it from the box and playing with it. The ergonomics are pretty good for it's size. I am able to get a firm 3 finger grip on the handle with my thumb firmly placed on the jimping.

    The 1.8" blade is constructed using a 440C stainless steel. 440C stainless steel is a great economical steel used in alot of pocket knives. Servicing this material is very easy and obtaining a razor edge takes no time at all. Corrosion resistance is good as well. Out of the box this Boker Nano was very sharp.

    Over the last few days of cutting cardboard and light duty cutting it still retains a good service edge but I'll likely put it on the Edge Pro in a few days. Opening and closing the knife is a breeze. One hand operation is not hard at all. And once it's open the blade is rock solid with no play with great lockup.

    The body is constructed out of a zytel scale with a stainless steel frame lock on the back side. It feels really good in hand. The Zytel can be a little slick in wet conditions but in a dry condition the texture makes grip very secure for such a small knife.

    The pocket clip on these knives are made by David Curtiss. He runs a water jet cutting business and custom builds a more expensive version of the Boker Nano. The pocket clip can be adjusted for tip up or tip down carry for right hand carry only.

    In the pictures above you can see it sits well in the smaller upper pocket as well as the lower larger pocket. Since I carry this as my "backup" knife I carry it down in the pocket which for me works best.

    My final conclusion on the Boker Nano: Boker hit it out of the park with this small but extremely well made knife. The ergonomics are great and the grip design makes it possible to do more work than is normally possible for a knife this short. I really like this knife and will continue carrying it as my "backup" blade.

    Boker offers this knife currently in two colors. A toxic green color and the limited run orange color. The orange is limited to just 600 pieces!

    You can order one today from BladeHQ. Purchasing anything through any of the links on this site helps support BladeReviews101, and keeps the wheels moving with fresh new gear reviews. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Boker Plus Nano - REVIEW

    What country is it made in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frijid View Post
    What country is it made in?
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    Default Re: Boker Plus Nano - REVIEW

    I picked one up a little while back. It is a neat little blade.

    I was actually surprised at the heft, considering how small it is. It's short & stout.

    It did arrive quite sharp although mine had a bit of play in it (nothing that a few turns
    of the torx wrench couldn't fix).

    It has an interesting contrast of stone wash & brushed finish on the blade.
    My work environment frowns on anything resembling a weapon (buncha pansies)
    so this knife is good fit for the office.

    Overall a fine purchase.

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