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I don't have a datasheet. I did see a YOUTUBE review of the Olight S1 "Review the light" I think he goes by Bigmac or something like that here CPF, and the S1 would shut off in the outdoor beam shots because it was drawing too many amps on Hi/turbo with a protected RCR123. He said it should be able to run on high with an unprotected IMR RCR123.
Turbo mode on the Olight S1 is limited to 90 seconds. After that, it ramps down to 50% over the next 60 seconds. As yet, I have not had any problems with the Olight brand RCR123A battery. I suspect, however, that it may be at or over its limit. I don't want to start any rumors, however, because I do not know any facts about the rechargeable Olight battery. It may be completely within spec.

I have a BLF A6 flashlight that I sometimes use with the short, 1x18350 battery tube. I'm fueling that with a KeepPower INR18350 battery. It works great. I do not have any testing equipment, but based on the reports of others, I expect I am getting over 900 lumens. There is no problem supplying the higher current used by the A6.

I considered getting a similar 16340, INR or IMR battery for the S1, but rejected the idea. The S1 does not have any low-voltage cutoff or warning, so my choice was to run it on a protected battery.