Yesterday, I was shopping at my local Sears Hardware store and saw this really cool looking multi-tester. The model number is a 17387. The fact that it was a digital model and on sale for $15.99 was enough for me to buy it. Not only is it compact and digital, but it can wirelessly detect voltage in any AC circuit from 100 to 600 Volts.


On the packaging, it says "Uses one A23 12V battery (Included)" I noticed that when I bought it and assumed that I was good to go. When I got home, I attempted to turn it on. Nothing happened. I looked through the rest of the packaging; no battery. I opened the battery door; no battery. Sounds to me like false advertising or a mistake. I was on the phone with technical support, when my parents needed help in the yard. By the time I was done with that, it was past 5 P.M. EST and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. I tried calling today but I guess Sears is observing Independence Day. I will try again tomorrow. Hopefully they could send me a battery for free or a gift card. Has anyone else bought this particular device and had the same issue?