Hey Treeguy!
At least you didn't have to goto your stash of peanut butter, or did you!?

I'm on a crazy diet that doesn't allow peanuts, and heaven forbid, Ritz crackers! Man... of all the things I can't eat, I miss them the most.
hmmmm peanut butter on Ritz

We had an outage a couple of weeks ago, for no apparent reason, probably someone took out a utility pole. Power was out for an hour or so.
I was able to assess my auto on light system in our new house.. I need another one in the basement, and could use another one in the living room.

Although both sets of neighbors were home, their houses stayed in what appeared to be total darkness. I shined a light into each of their homes through their window, from across the street, to give them some light so that they could safely find their flashlights. Neither said thanks, maybe they didn't realize what was going on. At any rate, I plan to get each, one of those $10 plug into an outlet emergency power outage light.