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Thread: Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

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    Default Re: Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

    Quote Originally Posted by Treeguy View Post
    What model?

    I have an MS 311. Wish I had more call to use it!

    On the original topic, with 1170 posts (yes, I read through them all!!!) I still have something to add. First, I'd say that in my 50 years, I've probably been through 100 or more power outages, but most are only minutes in length. I've been through three our four that lasted days -- all due to ice storms.

    I camp for 10 days every summer, so I have a bunch of lights and batteries and a lot of practice using them. I don't know what I'd need exactly for a five day outage, but I'm sure I have plenty. In the past when we have had multi day outages we have always used candles for background light. We have some of those that are in jars. We'll set one on the counter in the kitchen, one on the fireplace hearth, and one on the counter in the bathroom. That done we can walk around the house safely. Since we're not talking about an ongoing emergency, but simply a lack of power, there are no real safety issues. Since we have a fireplace, there is an ABC extinguisher handy in the living room.

    I enjoyed reading about the Maglite forever mod, and I plan on working on something like that soon.

    So here are the a few things that I feel like haven't really been covered that I can add to the discussion:

    1) I have a car jumpstarter that I use for starting my riding mower in the spring. It's a SLA battery with jumping cables. It also has a USB port and a CLA. It's 10 amp hours. One of those USB laptop lights would probably run for a year on 10 amp hours.

    2) When the power is out we play music. Reading music requires light. In the past I've had to set up multiple lanterns to get enough light on the music stand. My wife recently bought a LED music stand light for gigs that runs off of either a wall wart or three AA batteries. Problem solved!

    3) A 3xAA set of white Christmas lights provides nice general illumination for eating.

    4) I have an Energizer 55 lumen 3xD battery lantern (discontinued). It's waterproof to 2m. It has a built in hook on the bottom, so you can hang it. We use it camping over the table and it provides nice light for playing cards or whatever. We used it for a week last time on one set of old, previously used D cells. In a power outage I could hang it from a ceiling fan for lighting a room.

    There was some discussion a few pages back on how to get information in an emergency situation. My parents were just outside the evacuation area when hurricane Matthew hit Georgia. Both cell and land lines were down. I was able to get information about their area though, because the police department was on facebook and city hall was on twitter. I also found that just searching FB for the name of their town provided lots of pictures of the damage to the area. The point here is that even though their cell phones were out, others in the area had them, and FB and twitter were useful.

    Back to our general situation -- our house is set for heat because we have a wood stove and at least two years of wood (hence the chain saw ). We have gas hot water. I have a propane grill, and also a propane wok burner, so 2x20lb propane tanks. I have some bottles of water in the basement to last at least a few days, but we live within 100 feet of a 30 sq mi lake. I keep a bottle of Clorox with the EPA dilution for sterilizing water written on it. We live close enough to city hall and the police station that I can walk there to get information if things go on for more than a few days. Where we live the greatest potential threat the nuclear plant. We need to be able to either shelter in place or evacuate, as instructed.
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    Default Re: Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

    Oh, one more idea that comes from camping. I have some cheap solar landscape lights that I use for marking tent ropes. They're 1.2 lumens or something. They have a NiCd AA in them. They run a long time on a charge (supposedly 8 hours on a 400mAh battery), and have an on/off switch. In a power outage they would be handy for providing background light in a room or hallway, especially with a better battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irongate View Post
    For the price it better be nice!
    Yeah, the Powerhouse is way too much.

    You can get a 100+amp hour sealed cell deep cycle pure lead AGM battery along with a USB charger, a 12V socket adapter, and a small inverter and still have $100 left over for the price of the Powerhouse. Plus, the Pure Lead AGM battery will likely last considerably longer(PL AGM has a cycle life up to 900 cycles), has double the warranty, and when it dies you don't have to throw out all the accessories like with the Powerhouse. You just buy a new battery and you are good to go again. For the price of the powerhouse you are getting into the price range of a 1000 watt inverter generator as well.

    The Powerhouse is nice and it is definitely compact and light compared to other options but really, if you need this much capacity you are going to be carrying it by car or leaving it in a stationary place anyway. I personally don't think this is a very good option for a large capacity reserve power source unless you need the lightest and most compact option and have money to burn.
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