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Thread: Nitecore Chameleon Tactical Series available

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    Default Nitecore Chameleon Tactical Series available

    I was on Nitecore's website today and found that the Chameleon tactical series has been released. I read another forum here a while back that suggested there will be 5 versions of this flashlight. I only see 3 so far the red, green and blue. Also there are many discrepancies in the information found on Nitecore's website. Some FL1 measurement data is all written in another language and the description of each light says it is using an XP-G2(R5) for the white LED but the images show it is using the XM-L2. Given the fact that it is only 440 lumen its likely an XP-G2(R5). I would have preferred an XM-L2 at 950 lumen in a flashlight this size. But that's just me!

    What are your thoughts on this Chameleon tactical series? Would you buy one? For me the SRT 7 does all of this and more feature wise less the ability to change the color output brightness level and the SRT 7 is way brighter with double the battery life considering a single 18650 running at 440 lumen if you calibrated the smart ring to that output. I guess the only advantage of the Chameleon is a slightly brighter color with different color output levels and slightly smaller size.
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    Default Re: Nitecore Chameleon Tactical Series available

    These lights seems not to be allround lights, rather divided to fill special users needs. The UV version appeals probably to police/forensics and the green to hunters and so on.I don´t have any need for such strong colored LEDs and i would prefer a stronger main LED instead like on the SRT-series.

    However i am curious about how these lights performs anyway. I´ve never seen anything like them before and i would like to see a video review testing the different color LEDs.

    According to the info about the blue color on the CB6 it says that certain species of fish are attracted to blue light making it ideal for fishing. Being a sportfisher my self, i wonder which species of fish this light may attract and how to use it while fishing?
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