Orbtronic 18650PD 2900mAh (Black)

Official specifications:
  • Battery type: 18650
  • High Drain Capacity: 2900mAh
  • Max Discharge (constant current): 10A
  • Max Discharge Pulse Current (5-6 sec.): 18A
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Charging method: CV/CC
  • Minimum charging current: 0.6A
  • Rapid Charging current: 1.35A
  • Nominal (storage) voltage: 3.6V-3.7V
  • Minimum discharge voltage level: 2.5V
  • Dimensions: 18.5mm x 66.5mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Button Top: Yes
  • AC-IR: 21 mOhm

This is the newest high current cell from Panasonic. This battery uses the PF cell, even though it is named PD. The main difference between the PD and PF cell is that Panasonic has made the PF cell a bit safer (There is also a very minor capacity increase).

The two batteries has a very good match in capacity and does also keep the capacity at high loads.


There are cells with higher voltage at high current, but none other with this much capacity.
With a Panasonic cell inside it is a very good battery, that can deliver a lot of current.

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