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Thread: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

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    Thumbs up MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    Hello guys,

    My newest multi-led flashlight MicroFire L500R V3 arrived in this week and now I would like to share my first impressions and of course with many pics.

    Official info from user manual (the full manual has 9 pages/A4 size, I think I will copy with scanner, later)

    Challenger LED flaslight features the latest development in ultra-bright LED applications in tactical flashlight. It is new generation high quality, ultra-brightness and hi-tech personal portable lighting products innovated and manufactured by MicroFire Techonolgy Co., Ltd.

    To pursue improvement, Microfire developed Challenger I revision III. With a reduction on weight, the new revision Challenger I achieves better performance.

    1. Turbo mode at 3000 lumen with a beam throw at 456 meters. Under no wind circumstance at 25-30 degree, the highest temperature of L500R V3 is lower than 60 degree;
    2. Added a mode selecting ring, it can be appointed to switch on at your desired brightness.
    3. Waterproof under 10 meters, IPX-8

    To solve the bad effort on LED lifespan caused from plant of heat, we innovate a "invisible" fan for a active efficient heat radiation. This waterproof fan is dedicated driven by a temperature controlled software. Further more, it is replaceable.
    Combined with high quality and good performance, Challenger I revision III is the best choice for military, police, hunting, personal safety and outdoor recreation.


    Model: L500R V3 NW
    Type: Rechargeable
    LED type: 7x Cree XP-G2 R4 3C (5000K)
    Output/Runtime: 160lm (10h), 1000lm (2h), 1600lm (1h), 3000lm (5m), Strobe (1600lm, 3-5Hz)
    Max. beam distance: 456 meters
    Battery: K3S rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
    Charger: KN AC charger, charging time 3 hours
    Size: 47mm (body diameter), 76mm (bezel diameter), 191mm (length)
    Weight: approx. 670g
    Working temperature: -10°C - +50°C
    Construction: Aircraft grade aluminium CNC machined body, black hard anodized finishing, O-ring sealed, weatherproof, high transparency optical lens.

    Head module

    Working voltage: DC 9V-13.2V
    Current: 1.3A Max
    Safety: Reverse polarity protection, automatic abnormal voltage cut-off
    Structure: Separate housing sealed with the bezel-reflector, ballast system and battery connection, enhanced with patent heat radiation design

    a. The head module is fixed. Please DO NOT disassemble the components
    b. To keep the reflector clear and protect the LED, please DO NOT disassemble the glass cap by yourself.

    K3S rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

    Output voltage: DC 8.1V - 13.05V
    Capacity: 3000mAh

    Battery recharging with mains supply

    a) Insert the AC plug of the AC Charger into the AC mains supply socket. The LED indicator of the charge shall be GREEN. If not, check the power supply connection.
    b) Remove the rubber cap, and then insert the DC plug of AC Charger into the charge plug of K3S battery. The LED indicator of the charger-stand is RED, which means the battery pack is being charged.
    c) After 3 hours for K3S battery pack charging, the power is recovered by 95% and the LED indicator will turn to GREEN. Please recharge the battery one more hour. This will insure a full charge.

    Note: MicroFire batteries are over-charge and over-discharge protected with our patent precision digital circuit, continuous charging more than 6 hours will not damage the batteries, but for safety reason less than 12 hours of continuous charging is recommended.

    Battery pack maintenance

    a) When in storage, transportation or replacing, make sure the button switch of the battery pack is switched off for safety.
    b) Please recharge the stored or transported batteries to full capacity before use it.
    c) In case some batteries are collected for storage or long distance transporting, please keep them in low capacity (50% or less) for safety.
    d) When batteries are spare stored for long time, a regular discharge-recharge cycle per 3 month is strongly recommended! Please recharge it to full capacity when such a maintenance is processed.
    e) Please recharge the battery within 24 hours after it is discharged / used exhausting.

    Storage and miscellaneous

    a) When not use for some time, please store the light with the light head module and the batteries separately for safety.
    b) Do not store the light and its accessories in high temperature and humid surroundings.
    c) If possible, please store the light and accessories in moisture proof containers.
    d) Please always clean the light body (outside) with soft tissue or alcoholic cotton.
    e) The srew thread shall be lubricated regularly.

    Optional accessoires

    - KN DC vehicle charger
    - L1 Tactical holster
    - Red filter (600nm)
    - Yellow filter (450nm)
    - Protection sheath. Silicon rubber drop protection sheath

    Higher Efficiency

    It is a active cooling device which can make air convection between interior and exterior. The performance on cooling system is can optimize the performance of LED for higher luminous efficacy and longer runtime. To prove the better performance of this positive cooling device, Microfire was operating a fatigue test. Take two different L500R samples, A adapts a active cooling device and B uses a metal heat sink, switch them on for 8 hours constantly per day. After six months, the luminance for sample B is 6300Lux@2 meters, compared with the initial 9600 Lux, the luminous efficacy has reduced by 30%.For sample A, it is 8750 Lux from 9600 Lux, the active convection device save 20 percent luminous efficacy.

    My impressions


    + Excellent machining, design, build quality, looks very robust (IMPORTANT notice: MicroFire use "Fire" in name, but their flashlights not equal UltraFire, TrustFire and other cheap, mostly bad quality flashlights. MicroFire overall quality is much higher. Similar or better than other top chinese brands)
    + Really nice design, good size, weight, very comfortable in hand
    + Bright, powerful neutral white beam, the XP-G2 R4-3C was excellent choice I think
    + Very good throw capable, good balance throw and flood
    + Clean reflectors and lens
    + Nice, scratch free anodizing
    + I like the fan cooling feature, fan sound is similar as a very silent vacuum cleaner / hair dryer (the fan is waterproof)
    + Agressive strobe mode (3-5Hz)
    + Good quality control ring, off mode is available on ring, move smoothly
    + Built-in Li-ion battery, don't need extra charger or batteries
    + Very "soft" and silent tailcap switch, good feeling
    + One hand operation
    + Stable tail stand capable
    + Small battery indicator led (inside the body tube)
    + L500R V3 comes with a small gift, a MicroFire GL-1 flashlight with same led (XP-G2 R4 NW) run with CR123A or 16340 Li-ion battery. Beautiful neutral white beam (comes with LOP reflector) very high build quality, (looks slightly better quality and more robust than similar size Fenix, Nitecore or other similar brands), simple three modes (use pwm flickering in low and medium modes, but high is perfect)


    - Visible pwm flickering (except 3000lm, turbo mode is perfect, no pwm!) not too annoying in naked eye, especially in outdoor, but I think in this class, this is not a good point.
    - Too noisy driver(?) in low and medium mode (3000lm mode looks ok, I heard only the fan sound)
    - No holster or other "standard" accessories (eg. o-rings, lanyard)

    Other comments

    - The low mode looks much brighter than 160 lumens. The fan working only in turbo mode (3000lm) and in "step down" mode (1600lm).
    - Some leds off-centered, but the beam is very nice, so this is the reason why not a real cons for me (otherwise I don't like off centered leds)
    - I would like more standard accessories, eg. o-rings, lanyard, holster, car charger or filters.
    - 3*18650 body tube would be good (as I know, earlier model V2 came optional 3*18650 body tube, but this not compatible with new V3 model)

    The thread is not complete. I will add more pics, beamshot comparison with other flashlights etc., and maybe I will add more comments/pros/cons.

    Blackshadow Terminator T6 NW, L500R V3 NW, Jetbeam DDR30

    with MicroFire TL2

    Nitecore P12, Skilhunt K26, L500R V3 NW and Fenix TK76

    L500R V3 and Fenix RC40

    Very nice neutral white tint!

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    If you need higher res, pls click images

    L500R V3 NW vs Spark SL6S-740NW

    L500R V3 NW vs Fenix PD35

    L500R V3 NW vs Armytek Viking v2.5

    L500R V3 NW vs Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

    L500R V3 NW vs Foursevens Maelstrom MMX with Burst Mode

    L500R V3 NW vs Microfire TL2

    L500R V3 NW vs Thrunite TN35 (MT-G2)

    L500R V3 NW vs Jetbeam DDR30 (3*XM-L U3)

    L500R V3 NW vs Olight SR96 (3*MK-R, 4800lm)

    L500R V3 NW vs Fenix RC40

    L500R V3 NW vs Supbeam X60

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    Thank you gopajti for sharing those awesome pics and features.Love the idea of the fan,and interesting results with the led lux.
    The pwm and not perfectly centred led would be a deal breaker on an expensive light for me as imo it should be nothing less than perfect.I only found the v2 for 400 euros,not sure on the cost of this v3.

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    Max. beam distance: 456 meters = 52kcd.

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)


    updated first post, added new pics

    V3 price same (approx.) as V2

    As I know MicroFire is a small manufacturer and their flashlights quantity is very limited, especially big models (Pioneer III or this L500R V3 NW version) so this is one of reason why relative expensive
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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    updated first post, added new pics and updated other comments section

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    I tested 3000 lumen mode with fully charged battery pack. Total runtime was ca. 25 minutes (5x5min), after 25min, the 3000 lumen was not available anymore. Available just low "160lm", med 1000lm and high 1600lm (with fan cooling)

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    microfire was the most reliable light I ever owned. which is more then I can say about my POS Supbeam X60 but I can't stand the switch located at the rear of the light tho just as I can't stand it on the X60. absolute deal breaker for me.
    TK75vn70.2, GladiatorVN, Eagletac MX25L4VN, Thrunite TN36, EagleTac MX25L3C, Olight SR96, Olight SR95S, Microfire K3500, Wolf-Eyes K500, AE PL24, Surefire G2Z Combat light.

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    Default Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    added beamshots (second post)

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    Thumbs up Re: MicroFire L500R V3 NW (3000lm) and GL-1 NW (Pictures, Impressions)

    Microfire said, they updated L500R V3, pwm flickering and noisy driver problem solved!

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