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    Default UK C8 ?

    I don't know whether I am in the right forum with this one. I was browsing Quickbeams site, and ran into the UK C8, 2 bulbs (13 watts), 8 C cells, burn time 3-4 hours, in the $ 50 range.

    It seems to have the throw of the average 2/123 Lithium, with about twice the Lumens. Less throw than a PT Surge, but about 50% more Lumens. Any experience with this one. ?

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    I own one, and it's my primary dive light. It's a good light, but depending on your uses, may or may not be right for you. It has a moderately hot center spot, and an unusually broad and bright corona (maybe 20% as bright as the hotspot?). The twin bulbs providing hi-lo beams are a great dive light feature, though it keeps the beam from being optimal.

    This makes for a great dive light, as it both punches through the water, and does a decent job of lighting up the periphery. The C8 and D8 are nearly identical for light, but the C8 won't run quite as long, in a much more manageable package, and at a very reasonable price.

    I find it a good set of compromises for my needs, but I think it's not so great for above-water use. It's kinda big, heavy, and has a wierd beam. I'd grab it a long way down the batting order for most above-water uses. The quality is solid, if not quite as 'bullet-proof' feeling as Pelican lights.

    Eventually I'll be able to justify my HID UK Light Cannon, and this light will become a shelf queen - not because it's bad, but because the size/weight/brightness/runtime/features mix is so optimized for diving (to my mind) that it's a little weird for everything else.

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