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Thread: Cree XM-L2 3500K vs. Warm White vs. Real P60 Xenon Module

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    Default Cree XM-L2 3500K vs. Warm White vs. Real P60 Xenon Module

    I have a build currently in progress utilizing the Cree XM-L2 3500K, part


    You can search it on Google Here:


    This emitter intrigued me because it seems to straddle a line between the really warm whites and the neutral whites.

    Did some poking around on "The Google" last night, and unearthed a treasure from Japan!

    Someone out there made a release of a P60 module which they called (are calling?) "XW" for "Xenon White."

    While to my eyes it isn't quite there, in the side-to-side beamshot comparison, it is quite close.

    I do not know which tint bin it is, and they don't specify (that I can tell) on the website, but, it still makes for a pretty cool comparison!

    And now, without further ado, I present:

    Original Page in Japanese

    Translated Page in English

    Both links are to the invaluable Web Archive in the event the "real" site goes down.

    Here is the original site if you want fastest speed without hitting the Web Archive:


    It says the module has been released from "YSC."

    I don't know who or what "YSC" is.

    The most interesting shot to me is this one here, which directly compares the Surefire P60 (left) to the "Xenon White" Cree XM-L2 3500K (right).

    The real P60 incandescent looks slightly redder while the Cree LED looks slightly more yellowy/orangeish.

    * * *

    I cannot say for sure, but this might be the source here:


    Definitely more on the yellow/orange side than I would like, but that, of course, is personal taste.

    Here is a blown up beamshot from that website:


    And here is the backup link in the event the page goes down:

    Original Site

    Translated Site

    * * *

    Further research indicates an active modder in Japan.

    See here.

    * * *

    One last page here.

    And translated here.

    Salient pics can be viewed here and here.

    It is in times like these that I wish I could read/translate/write/speak any language!

    * * *

    @mods, I must still be half asleep. Could someone please move this to "LED" proper? Thank you!
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    Default Re: Cree XM-L2 3500K vs. Warm White vs. Real P60 Xenon Module

    oddly enough, I was searching for YSC and this was the only post on CPF...

    on your page link here.

    at the bottom, you can see links to surefire, YSC, JetBeam, etc...

    There is a picture of an E series light at the bottom as well referencing YSC

    I have a couple of the YSC "e" heads like that, but have no brackground on them whatsoever...

    looks like that website has some vdeos on youtube as well.

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    Default Re: Cree XM-L2 3500K vs. Warm White vs. Real P60 Xenon Module

    found some other pics that show a MJ driver board (ARCMania I think)...

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