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Thread: The Official Zebralight Thread .

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkIntoTheLight View Post
    I don't know why the runtimes of the SC64w would be different than the SC600w, except for the PID levels of course. So why are they different for the other levels? They use the same LED. Don't they use the same driver? Output levels are all the same, so shouldn't the runtimes be the same too?
    Yeah I noticed the runtimes are longer than anticipated. I'm also curious as to the reason why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keitho View Post
    "preflash" when going to medium is a normal behavior. A lot of folks program to avoid it: put a low or moonlight mode in place of "high," so the preflash is at a lower (and therefore unnoticeable) level than your double-click ("medium") setting. A lot of people seem to have at least one group set up this way: press/hold for high, double-click for medium, single click to moonlight.
    Yeah, flipped mine like that to take care of the pre-flash and make sure my first click was to my moonlight.

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    So I'm going to pull the trigger on my first ZL, been following this company for some time now and the SC64 really seems like the ticket for me.

    Two questions. 64W or 64C? I feel the HI CRI 4000k just might be a tad too yellow for my tastes but is that bad?
    other question is, which battery do they prefer, the Sanyo or Sony that ZL sells?

    Ive never been that picky about tint, I will say that that I had an XP-G 4Sevens years ago with the greenest output ive ever seen in my life, it went back. Are the odds that bad with the most recent ZLs?

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    Unless you are very picky about your light quality (as in you probably need to be photography-minded)... I would go for the 64w... that way you won't be in situations and wonder "what if I had 500 more lumens available?"... and if you don't have other high CRI lights to compare to, you probably won't notice as much.

    I have a 62w and it's one of my favorite lights by far... I have not found a need (yet) to upgrade to the 63 or 64... I have a couple high CRI lights for specific uses, but a good neutral tint/temp with lots of lumens is just fine for 99% of tasks. I would recommend a frosted or flood ZL headlamp (H53Fc of H600Fc) with high CRI to complement your SC64 and use it as a headlamp, handheld light, or angled worklight for close-up work.

    From what I have read, ZL has been getting better about tints and LEDs in general seem to be getting better. That being said... it never hurts to add a comment to your order of "please pick a very neutral tint"... it may not help, but you never know.

    I have no experience with the Sony battery, but I'm sure it works fine... the Sanyo GA has served me well in my 62w and MKIV Plus and I am always amazed how much capacity is still left when I check... unless one of the resident experts on here says otherwise, I would go for the 3500 mAh.
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    I would also go for the W version, the 4500k xhp35 is a much safer choice tint wise. I have tried a few samples of the xp-l2 ,4000-4500k and not impressed. I have found the 4500k easier on the eye, but the 4000k off for me. I donít even think the CRI is as high as stated either. The xhp35 is around 80 CRI iirc, but it is nice . I personally donít see the point in high CRI when it taints lighter colours with the yellow beam....yuk! The older xm-l2 easywhite seems a much safer choice(and nicer). The Philips luxeon T is also very nice around 85 CRI(lower output though if an issue........quality before quataty for me).

    As as long as flat top, 30Q and vtc6 work very well in the ZLís.

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    Very excited I pulled the trigger and purchased my first ZL, rather my first major light purchase in a few years. Went 64W and Sanyo 18650ga

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    The Sanyo GA battery is the best choice, unless perhaps you're going to be running at max all the time.

    Testing run-time of the SC600w MkIV HI at the 264 lumen output (the highest non-PID level), I get the following times before step-down occurs:

    Sanyo GA: 6.6 hours
    Sony VTC6: 5.8 hours
    Samsung 30Q: 5.5 hours

    It's clear the 3500mAh Sanyo GA is by far the best performer at moderate output levels. 14% longer than the VTC6, and 20% longer than the 30Q.

    I've ordered a SC600w MkIV Plus, but I'll probably use the Sony VTC6 in that one due to the higher current demands at maximum compared to other Zebralights. I think the GA would probably still run slightly longer at max, but it would probably run hotter. For all other Zebralights, I'd go with the Sanyo GA.

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    From what I've heard the XPPL2 4000k can be quite yellow, but really it all boils down to the tint lotto. The frosted H600C with XHP50.2 has a tint equally as good as the old 5000k XML2 easywhite. I bought 3 samples and none showed strong yellow/green bias.

    XHP35 HI models are pretty safe, especially considering with the flat emitter you will mitigate tint shift within the beam pattern itself.

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    I have the H53c with 90cri xpl2 4000k led. It is more yellow than a 4000k 219c, but still fine in actual use. White wall hunters will be disappointed, but for everything else, color saturation and rendering is great. The 4500k w series from Zebralight will be alot more neutral, but colors will look a little more dull when compared to the 4000k high CRI versions. The xp-l2 is noticeably better than the xpg3 high CRI in 4000k.

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