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Thread: Pre-CNC Machining

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    Default Pre-CNC Machining

    You can buy a fantastic titanium light today and have it sent next day anywhere in the world for $400-500.00., and for this example let's use a Mc Gizmo Haiku.

    If you had a perfect set of plans ready, and you went into a machine shop in say 1980, using a manual lathe and milling machines, light still made of titanium, still a Haiku, and ordered one to be made for yourself, what would that have cost in 1980's dollars? (and we can convert it to today's).

    Then say a batch of what you guys would have considered a minimum?

    Was just thinking about some of the things we have today. And how lucky we are to get some amazing products at reasonable prices by some very talented people, I might add, and I feel that a Haiku is priced right for everything you get. Which is why I used I'd for this thesis.


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    Default Re: Pre-CNC Machining

    A Haiku would cost (in 1980's Dollars, manual machined - if you could even get them to do certain ops) in excess of a thousand dollars. That for a batch size if 25.

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    Default Re: Pre-CNC Machining

    Easily $1000+. Figure the tool replacement costs (about the same whether CNC or manual machines), setting up each op over & over, etc. Drilling out the round bar & machining it into a hollow tube is the worst part but the remainder is no fun either.
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    Right, just because we are in an age where we see a plethora of exotic metals being used, doesn't mean it is any easier. Even with modern machines, titanium wants to gall instead of cut, not to mention it's a damn tough material to start with.
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