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Thread: Co-Purchase LED's

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    Default Co-Purchase LED\'s

    Not long ago , I seem to recall , someone posted about better prices for LED's in
    100 or more quantities . I am thinking of
    buying 50 or so white LEDs ( 5600's )and
    the thought of saveing money at the same
    time interests me . Contact me here , or
    privately with info , advice , or URL's.
    Thanks , Carl

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    I don't know what the going price for 50 LEDs is, but the best price I've seen on them IN GENERAL is about $2.95 each. Maybe the vendor WILL give discounts for multiples... he added a couple to MY order when I ordered some. He also has 20,800 mcd turquoise LEDs and 10,000 mcd green LEDs. ;-)

    All the same price... -- and specifically - mid-way down the page.
    Additionally, he had his cat in PDF files (yick): - LEDs

    I have a question in to the owner about bulk sales... I'll let you know what I find out.


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    Default Re: Co-Purchase LED\'s

    Here's one source that has price breaks at 50 LEDs and 100 LEDs (white, blue, green):

    Sorry, I'm not ready to buy 50 LEDs just yet.

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    Default Re: Co-Purchase LED\'s

    A cheap place to get white LEDs from is:

    $1.75 each plus $1.00 per order. I've got a few that I'm using in a lamp running off of a 12 volt battery and solar panel. He has two different beamwidths.

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    Default Re: Co-Purchase LED\'s

    Thanks for the help guys , WB8TGY , the
    place you suggest seems a little too inexpensive . I think I'll order from
    them anyway , I have talked to him and
    though not sure of type or quality of
    his LEDs , the price is right for my
    budget ...KB5WMY ...Carl

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    Hi Carl, and others, I've only ordered a few from this guy, but they work well. I don't think that they are as bright as the ones Radio Shack is selling ($5 ea), but they are close. The white light they they give off is not as blue as the Radio Shack ones. It's a softer white. I only ordered a few the first time to see what his looked like. I plan on ordering some more and building couple 18 plus LED lamps. Mark, WB8TGY.

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    Default Re: Co-Purchase LED\'s

    Just a note , Radio Shack's white LED is
    rated at 1100 mcd .

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