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Thread: Surefire helmet lights

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    Default Surefire helmet lights

    Hey guys i have the hl1-a and hl1-d surefire helmet lights and im noticing that the HL1-d is extremely dim on all settings compared to the hl1-a can anyone explain this to me and yes they both have brand new batteries in them

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    Hi, I can not say anything about brightness, because there is nothing to compare with other HL1.
    More precisely, I can compare HL1 with my Fury - the color of the white diodes is more "blue"
    (in the photographs distance 1 meter to the wall).
    I use new Surefire cr123, Fury = 15 lm, HL1-A = 19 lm, but real difference is obvious..

    I received this flashlight today by mail from my friend.
    I have another question. Do your lanterns also have concentric circles on colored diodes?

    Also it is not waterproof - I specifically went to bathe with him 5 minuts (shower only).
    He worked, but ut when I opened the battery compartment - the battery was water.
    Some miracle did not make a short circuit.

    And yet, when I accidentally touch the battery compartment lug - the light disappears and is restored,
    but from the maximum brightness mode the flashlight goes into the minimum mode.
    Is this normal behavior?

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    Default Re: Surefire helmet lights

    I'm no Surefire booster, but I'd think surely they'd have the waterproofing done right. Are these surplus/gunshow lights by any chance?
    The gaskets or O rings might be worn and past due for replacement.
    The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

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    Default Re: Surefire helmet lights

    You're right, I've looked closely. The O-ring hardly protrudes from its groove.
    Most likely, it is dry from time.
    But that I was able to replace. I'm more interested in rings on colored LEDs.
    I'm trying to find blue or other color light pics for HL1, but I can not yet.

    My acquaintance bought it from an authorized dealer. He plays airsoft.
    Some time ago he had a baby. He had to leave the airsoft and sell out the equipment.
    He sold the flashlight to me.
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    Default Re: Surefire helmet lights

    However, it does not matter, it broke down today.

    I crawled through the tunnel, looked where the electrical wire was going.
    When I finished work, I climbed out and accidentally hit in the wall my head in helmet.
    The flashlight went out and no longer shows signs of life.
    It was dry all around. There are no problems with electrical contacts.
    Battery new sf123a.

    I do not know the reason.I wrote in technical support Surefire, but I do not know if they will answer me.
    If they do not answer me, then I'll have to take it apart.

    While I only assume that the entire filling is taken from the side where the diodes.
    It looks like it's filled with some kind of glue.
    Need an industrial hair dryer and scalpel.

    Here you can see the top of the impact from above. The blow was not strong actually

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    Default Re: Surefire helmet lights

    Found an old review

    Now I know how blue ligth should look like - no concentric circles.

    4 ft

    As it turned out, the flashlight did not die.
    It's all in his lid - It has a rotating head.
    I thought the inscription "disable" refers to the closure of the lid,
    so that the battery does not fall out.

    In fact, it's something like a fuse from accidental activation.
    If scroll all the way anticlockwise - there is light,
    If a little clockwise - no light!!

    Apparently, when I hit the wall, this swivel head moved slightly clockwise.

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