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    Wink2 New Product release

    The new STRIVE rechargeable will be launch at May-2016

    More details coming soon.

    Changes from original STRIVE series :
    1. The new driver increased the driving power by 20%
    2. Overall length : 180mm (add 3mm internal length to fit longer 26650 battery)
    3. SMART UI 3.1 (similar as STRIVE-ECO), dual modes with total 8 types of output.
    4. Recess type of SideKick switch
    5. Bi-color pilot leds for charging indications.
    6. New housing construction that support both 20mm and 25mm MPCB
    7. Support more size of reflectors
    8. Add housing knurling for better gripping
    9. New power management for more runtime on max. output.
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    Looks good, how big is it?

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    We will post the dimensions and specifications soon.
    Basically, the overall size is similar as original STRIVE series and the length added a few mm to fit longer battery
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    Hi Kilovolt,

    Besides STRIVE rechargeable version, we will also launch other models with smart charger by this year.

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    The assembly drawing of SRTIVE-RX

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    The new STRIVE-RX driver update :

    Here is the runtime graph of new STRIVE-RX vs original STRIVE
    Battery : 2500mAh rechargeable 18650.

    The magnetic SMART charger :

    - Auto-detect the battery's capacity and won't over charge the battery.

    - 2 pilot leds (Red and Blue) to show the charging process (Red : Charging, Blue : Completed)

    - The flashlight can still be use while charging.

    New Power Management :

    - The new STRIVE-RX now support max. output from original's 82 minutes to 125 minutes with the same battery (2500mAh)
    - At the same time the output is higher than before. (add around 10%)
    - More precise of voltage detection (original : 4 levels, RX : 7 levels)
    - Voltage indications changed (original 5 seconds of each 60 seconds, RX : 5 seconds of each 20 seconds)

    4 pilot leds to indicates charging and battery status :
    1. Charging : RED, BLUE
    2. Battery's status : RED, GREEN

    I will start a new thread for STRIVE-RX within this week.

    Best regards,

    Ricky - Lumapower
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